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    Homemade fluid pump for trans and diff fluid

    Another one of my homemade tools I made in the last couple of weeks. It started with a trans swap I did for a buddy on his 04 lincoln aviator with the 5R55S sealed tranny. To fill this thing you have to pump fluid up into the drain bolt on the bottom of the tranny! Horrible design. The drain bolt has a set screw in the middle of it and you pump fluid up into it until it flows back down. Motive and Mityvac both make pumps to fill these with an assortment of adaptors. But because I am cheap and really like to make my own tools when I can I set out to make my own. It is similar to the homemade brake bleeders made out of a graden sprayer. Which I almost did but bought the mityvac vacuum brake bleeder instead and am glad I did.

    So I bought a 9 dollar garden sprayer and started looking at my options. I thought about putting an air whip and regulator on it so I wouldn't have to pump at all but decided to keep it simple for now. I found a valve stem I had laying around and drilled a hole in the sprayer and inserted it. So I can fill it with shop air if I don't want to pump. I want to put a gauge on it so I can tell the PSI and not over pressurize it. My plan is to put a couple of these together so I can keep on with tranny fluid and one with diff fluid and maybe even different kinds of fluid. They are cheap enough to have a couple around.

    I need to make some fittings/adaptors for it for different diffs and trannies. Mityvac makes a set of 10 for 100 bucks. Some are threaded and some are just different shapes.

    Here are some pictures.

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    Re: Homemade fluid pump for trans and diff fluid

    That is a great idea - I really need that for filling diffs.


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    Re: Homemade fluid pump for trans and diff fluid

    No problem!

    They are great for diffs, I used to use one of those hand pumps that screws onto the gallon jugs but it always leaked and was messy and my arm was killing after 5 minutes of pumping 80/90! This is a lot easier to pump or you can just use the schrader valve to pressurize it.

    And they are a must for some of the newer trans that you have to fill from the drain holes like some of the fords/audi/and others.

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