Well it's not 100% homemade but I consider it homemade. I really like making my own tools anytime I can, for the cost savings and also the pride factor, and just because I really like to "engineer" and build things!

Little back story, about a year ago I was doing some coolant system work and I wanted a pressure tester to check things out. After some research I decided to get a stant which is pretty much the industry standard and made in the US. They are pricey new for a tool I won't use much, just a home mechanic. So I decided to buy used off ebay. Bought one for 20-30 bucks shipped that was stated "in good working order". When I got it it was in rough shape, it had a hole in the metal casing of the pump so it wouldn't pressurize the system. The seller refunded my money and told me to just keep the tester. So I set it aside as junk and found another one for 25 bucks that worked great.

They other day I was looking at one of the tool trucks websites and they have a pressure tester that uses shop air instead of pumping by hand. It caught my eye and I started at it some more. Since the gauge and the hose with the end on it for radiator was still good from my old tester I figured I would gather some things up and throw one of these together just for fun. I don't really need it since my other stant hand pump works good but I have the parts laying around and if I ever need to do a big cooling system it will save some pumping.

The parts I gathered up were the gauge from the junk stant, the hose and end from the junk stant, a regulator I had, a ball valve I had, and an air fitting. About 10 minutes putting things together and I have a new tester that snap on charges over 200 bucks for, and it only cost me maybe a couple bucks. These are my favorite tools.

Here are some pictures of it. The first one is of a matco tester and the rest are of the one I made.

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