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    What happened to the forums?

    This used to be one of my favorite sites to check in and to ask questions on because there was so much knowledge on here. Seems like over the last six months or so there hasn't been any posts at all. I have pretty much stopped checking in to see if anything new. Checked and some of the members that used to contribute a lot haven't checked in in a longtime.

    Hate to say it but is this forum dead now?

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    I still check in now and then, life has taken some strange twists for me.

    A craftsman is someone who does a better job than anyone thinks is necessary.

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    Re: What happened to the forums? doesn't work anymore. Have to Google toolabdfab forum to get here. I tried on a couple different computers.

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    Some weird crap happened to the forum due to the DST settings and the server (I think this happened last year too). still works for me, so maybe just a short term glitch?

    Planning to make the upgrade to 4.0 over the next month - the new version of vB has been out long enough that I'm comfortable enough to make the move.

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    Seems like this is happening to allot of forums, they become run by a few, people get tired of the same old stuff.
    Do a good thing make something in the workshop even if it's scrap.

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    I am still here. I am super busy, but check in once in a while.
    Glenn H. Shelton III
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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    Same here, I check in about 4-5 times a month

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    I check in every once in a while. Not doing a whole lot... I just don't seem to have the time I used to.

    If it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    I'm also still here, but have busy with a few things lately. I check in to see what's going on. I haven't been doing any projects lately, so I just don't post. One project I did was help my son move back to Oregon from Louisana. I flew down there the middle of December, helped him load up all the family's stuff and drove a U-hHaul truck 2363 miles back in January. Man what a trip. I don't think I heed to tell anyone that driving a U-Haul truck IS NOT the way to travel across country.

    Anyway, that's what's been happening with me lately.

    Cebby, I'm still working on getting that hydraulic change over done, on my tubing bender, but haven't worked on it much lately. I'll get some pics taken when it's done. I built my cart quite a bit different than you did, but it's going to be lots better than what I had before.

    The shop's still a mess, but am slowly getting it finished. I don't think I'll ever take on another remodel like I've done with this shop. Anyway when it's finished, I'll have a lots better shop than what I started with. 100% BETTER.

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    Re: What happened to the forums?

    wow, it's almost been a year since I last dropped by. I still have too many projects and not enough time. A second kiddo born 3 weeks ago means even less time, lol.

    I do have one project in motion that I'll keep moving forward with though. I'm going to turn this one into a part time business.


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