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    I need to make some keyways for some for one of my projects I'm working on. I've used keys before but the keyways were already there. I am going to be putting some sprockets on a gearbox and motor. So after some research I am looking at getting a broach set to handle these issues. I've never used a broach before so trying to get some advice! How big of a press do you need for a broach? Anything I should look for when looking for a broach set?

    Also, can you use a broach set for cutting a keyway in a shaft? The sets I've looked at use a bushing to cut a keyway in the sprocket or whatever the shaft hooks to with a key. I was wondering If I could use a pipe or something and use the bushing to cut a keyway in the pipe and then put the shaft in the pipe and use the broach to cut a keyway in the shaft? kinda like a reverse of using the bushing and broach.

    So anyone have some advice or info on broaches? Thanks, Scott

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    Re: broaches

    I have never used a braoch in a press - the only broaching I have done was on a machine designed specifically for broaching or with a shaper - like on a Bridgeport, so I can't offer any guidance other than to say that broaches are for internal keyways - not for shafts. Shaft keyways are milled.

    With all the work you're doing, you might want to investigate getting yourself a used Bridgeport. it sure would open up a lot of options for you.

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    Re: broaches

    I would LOVE to be able to get a bridgeport or similar machine. I almost had a manual mill for 200 bucks but wasn't able to get there in time, I was happy with that. I really want to get a lathe and some sort of verticle mill. Just need to find one at a good price and then need to make some room in the garage. Someday it'll all come together, I feel pretty lucky to have all the toys(tools) I have when I don't make any money with them.

    I read that the broaches were for internal keyways only but was thinking why wouldn't it work the opposite, using a pipe around the shaft instead of bushing inside of the pipe(or whatever you are cutting the keyway into)? Maybe the pipe wouldn't hold shape. I don't need to make any keyways in shafts right now but was just thinking it might work if I need to. Or I can keep trying to find a mill to do it right!!!

    Thanks for your advice Scott

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