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    Coffee Mug

    So my ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ coffee mug fell off of a car at the shop yesterday. While the Steel body and interior are fine, part of the plastic base broke off. Today I am running a Styrofoam to-go cup from waffle house. I hate these things; they mess up the taste, they never balance right, and 14oz just isn't enough coffee.

    This is just the excuse I need to buy a new mug. I am neither baller enough nor gun crazy enough for a Battle Mug, however The Tank is interesting. I like the idea of 50oz, but I don't think that it will fit in the cup holder. I also don't think I am willing to venture that far into the realm of ugly cool. Although it would be good for SHTF and other post apocalyptic scenarios.

    We all know that coffee is as important as breathing, fuel, argon, and the like. What do you guys look for when getting a travel mug. For me it is all about abuse (why I buy steel), heat retention, capacity, and class. I am looking for something in the 15-20 oz range. Also what about handles; closed, open; handle, handless? When it comes to interior I have never been picky but do prefer a steel inner or plastic. Then there is the issue of vacuum or insulated.

    If I hadn't friend my Vac Pump I would make a new one out of Carbon, and have even thought of making my own out of steel. However I have a feeling that it is probably more trouble than it is worth, and besides I have real work to do instead of playing around.

    There are so many options out there. I have even found some pretty interesting sights offering custom promotional mugs for a really good price. So I could have a nice stock pile of mugs with my face on them for TEOTWAWKI.
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    Re: Coffee Mug

    You raise some interesting points but I prefer a smaller mug that better fits in the cup holder and is easier to manuever in a vehicle. I find that larger ones don't fit well and have a tendency to tip or lose their center more easily. I love my coffee but my vehicles must remain spot-free.

    Additionally, I love GOOD coffee, and I find that I can't drink 50 oz. all that fast. The longer coffee sits exposed to air, the more likely it will take on an acid-like flavor and after taste. My preference is a smaller travel mug and an insulated metal thermos that holds enough for 2 or more refills. I have a smaller stainless one that is perfect to slip in my briefcase, or a much larger stainless one good for a whole morning of coffee enjoyment. Being sealed from air, the larger one keeps several refills as fresh as when it was first brewed.

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    Re: Coffee Mug

    I like the Battle Mug, but no the price. I have a S/S mug that you can plug into the cig lither outlet, but have never use the plug in. The coffee stays hot for over a hour (16 oz). The only plastic is the handle.


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    Re: Coffee Mug

    The battle mug is cool, but at that price I can get a lot of coffee. For a mug I use this. it keeps coffee hot for a couple of hours, even on the bike in cold temps.

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