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    Forming Hexagonal columns

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I am trying to find help on a project I would like tp pursue. I have been asked about manufacturing columns for wind turbines. They are 15 metres in height and are in 3 seperate hexagonal sections. The lower section either flat mounted or hinged. My main concern is the folding and welding of these hexagonal sections. Would really apreciate any help from members on this query. Thanks

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    Re: Forming Hexagonal columns

    I'm having trouble envisioning the design. Would these taper - large at the bottom, smaller at the top - or would they be consistent dims from the bottom to the top? Maybe a sketch?

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    Re: Forming Hexagonal columns

    15 meters is almost 50 feet tall. You mentioned "folding" the hexagon sections? I would think you wouldn't be able to fold a piece of metal that will be over 15' long(you said 3 sections) and have to be a decent thickness to support 50' of tower. I could be wrong because I'm not a pro fabricator but you would have to have a pretty big brake to "fold" the metal. Maybe that's not what you meant by fold?

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    Re: Forming Hexagonal columns

    This is one of those threads that baffle me.

    This is a huge task. The risks and money involved are huge.

    If you do not know how to accomplish this, you likely should not be doing it. A task of this magnitude is not something you can just wake up to in the morning and get to work in the afternoon - and the equipment is the least of your concerns. Machines of this size are not on Craigslist or E-bay - they cost several million dollars and are completely custom made. Freight and rigging alone would be daunting.

    Let me ask this - what are your current qualifications and finances? Do you have a facility? Is your facility equipped? Do you do fabrication now and of what? What expereinces do you have?

    Folding and welding are simple tasks. However, folding and welding something of this size is better left to those that don't have to go onto a public forum asking for help!

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