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    Re: coil spring compressor

    The pushloc stuff accepts nylon tubing - relatively cheap and durable. I have been using it on machines since around 1990 so I can vouch for it's worthiness...

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    I just ordered 50' of 1/4" nylon and 50' of 3/8" nylon tubing from mcmaster. Also order an assortment of fittings, just ordered 1 of each one I thought I might be able to use to see which ones I actually need before I order a bunch of wrong fittings! The mill I used to work at used pushloc fittings for almost everything and they took a lot of abuse so I agree they are a good product.

    I should have some time in the next couple of days and this weekend to work on my 2 projects so hopefully will get some updates with pics of it almost completed!

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    I didn't get as much done today as I would've liked. Always seems like something comes up when I have sometime to get some work done!

    I did get one of the 4 threaded rod assemblies that allow the fingers that hold the spring to adjust up and down done. Being able to adjust the fingers was an important part of this build for me for safety and also ease of use. If the arms were even on each side of the spring, when compressed the spring would have some force pushing out due to the spring windings not being level as it goes around.

    To do this I decided to use 2 peices of square tubing that will slide inside each other and a threaded rod assembly. The threaded rod assembly is made out of a 6" peice of 3/4" threaded rod that I drilled and tapped to accept a peice of 1/4-20 threaded rod. I already bought some handles that will accept the other end of the 1/4-20 rod. I screwed everything together and then drill a hole threw the 3/4" rod and also 1/4" rod and used a spring pin so it wouldn't unthread when turned. I also did this to the handle. Both peices of square tubing will have a peice of flat welded on the top of them. The outer one will have a hole drilled threw it that will allow the 1/4-20 rod to go threw but the 3/4" rod will push on this plate. The inner peice will be tapped so the 3/4" threaded rod will screw this one out of the outer peice of tube. Hope this makes half sense! I will get some pics once I get the square tubes made up. For now here is a pic of the threaded rod/handle assemble.

    Attachment 700

    On a side note I am going to look at a drill press/mill. It is an Abarboga Maskiner. It is a 3 phase so I will need a VFD to run it but it would be a huge improvement over my little delta bench drill press I have been working pretty hard on this porject! He is asking 200 bucks for it so it seems like a pretty good deal.
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    Re: coil spring compressor

    Finally got some time to get some work done today. I made the rest of the screw adjusters for the fingers. I didn't have the right sizes of square tube to finish the up and down adjusters. I also need to get a peice of 1/2 flat stock to make some peices about 5x5 that will connect the square tubing to the round tube hinges. I cut up all the peices for the hinges today and ran a 1" drill bit into the ends of the pipe to debur it and also drilled a hole threw the 2" peices that I welded to the frame and tapped it to accept a 8-32 set screw to hold the rod in place. The hinges are made up of some round pipe, a 2" peice on the top and bottom that I welded to the frame and a 5" peice in the middle of the 2" peices that the 1/2" flat will get welded to and a 9" peice of solid round stock as the pin. The hinges turned out really nice and pretty tight tolerances for just picking some round pipe and round solid stock. I tried not to heat the tube up to much when welding to keep from distorting it to much. I really need to get a strut assembly to see how much space I need between the lower and upper arms for the springs.

    My air fittings should be here any time now. I'm going to finish welding the upper hinges on the frame(once I figure out how much space to leave between the arms) before I run all the hoses. I still have to mount the UHMW peices to the sled, they are just sitting in there now but I think once the pressure of the spring is added they might slip out. Just going to use some flat head screws and screw them to the angle of the sled.

    Think that's it for now. Have to put a door in my bathroom and set the toilet now that all the tiling is done.

    Scott, what did you have to do to paint your cabinets? I remember reading that you used a HVLP sprayer and they turned out really nice. From what I've read I need to clean the metal with something like paint thinner? Then spray primer and then paint. I have a HVLP that I used to spray all my cabinets so I have some experience spraying but no experience painting metal. Any advice you might be able to share would be much appreciated! Thanks, Scott

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    For most of my metal projects I simply wipe the material down with mineral spirits prior to fabricating to remove the mill oil. After welding and all that, I just wipe them down 2-3 times with mineral spirits (if I am spraying with oil pased paint) or acetone for enamels. If it's something that will be exposed to the elements, I will prime it but if it's an interior thing I just spray it. I usually use bomb cans but for bigger stuff I will buy the quarts of oil based and thin with mineral spirits as needed to get it to spray. No HVLP - I use a pressure pot and sprayhead. I have lots of auto painting stuff - I used to paint cars on the side.

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    Thanks for the advice Scott. The gun I have is a HVLP conversion so it uses my compressor and not a turbine. Don't know alot about spraying but I think it is like a pressure pot, I know I can add a pressure pot to mine instead of the quart cup it uses now. I also have a gravity feed gun that I have never used, bought it to play around with for cars but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I sprayed oil based primer and paint with my HVLP conversion so I would think it would work for the metal paint but like I said I don't know much about spraying. So you think one of my guns will work for this?

    Here are some update pics, can't wait to get the square tube and 1/2" flat stock to finish the arms. Then I'll just have to make the "fingers" that hold the spring in place.

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    Well not a lot of progress but a little update. I got all the air fittings figured out and ordered them all and installed the valve and ran 3/8 nylon tubing to everything. I mounted a quick connect to the frame and ran a line to the valve handle. I ran 2 lines from the valve to the cylinder and on the return I put an adjustable flow control so I can control how fast the cylinder releases the spring. I only had one flow control and thought I should put it on the side that lowers the cylinder so it doesn't release the spring to fast. If it ends up compressing the spring to fast I will have to break down and buy another flow control, they are around 25 bucks so trying to avoid that expense if I can. I also bought an exhaust for the valve. I also bought some foot pedal air controls so I'm going to see if I like these better than the handle valve. I figured if I use a foot valve it will keep both my hands free. I'm also going to put the whole thing on wheels so I can move it around.

    Most of my tools are on wheels since I have a pretty small garage and to much stuff to fit in it. I spent most of my free time this week cleaning the garage and basement before winter sets in so I can have some room to work in the garage when it's cold out. I also had to finish up some projects on the house so that took most of my time instead of working on this project. But I think I cleared up enough room in the garage so I can work on stuff this winter now that everything is on wheels and can be shuffled around easy. So I'm hoping that I will get some time this week to go get the metal I need and finish this one up finally! I also got a strut assembly so I can size up where to mount the upper arms. I placed an add on craigslist looking for a used strut assembly and after a week or so somone replied and said they had one I could have for free. So now I have something to use for mock up and to test the machine out. That's it for now. I'm pretty busy till the end of the week so I'm hoping to get some major work done and maybe get it painted this weekend.

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    Re: coil spring compressor

    Well I'm sorry it took a year to complete but it compressed it's first spring today!

    I finished up the upper arms and tried it out today, and it worked great. I bolted the upper arms on for now instead of welding them. In case I need to change the height of them for some reason. They cylinder had plenty of power to compress the spring with ease, think it was only an escort spring but it still didn't even take any pressure to compress it. I used a couple of ratchet tie downs just in case something went wrong and the spring came flying out.

    I am going to add some extra bracing in some places, I tend to over build things so they can take what ever abuse I throw at them. Then I am going to paint it. I don't do a lot of struts but my screw type spring compressors dissapeared so I was looking for something new and came across a company that makes one similar to what I built. The are over seas in europe somewhere and don't think they have a US dealer so I decided to take on this project. Spent a little more than I wanted/thought but I guess that is usual designing and building something I never have before. Had to buy parts from all over and some didn't work out so had to order new. The air cylinder was the most expensive part but this thing is huge and has some serious power.

    Well here is some pics for anyone that has followed over the last year! Now on to finish the rim clamp I started at the same time last year, I really need to learn how to finish one project before starting another! I know some of my welds aren't the prettiest and I"m open for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    Pics are random of the machine, strut in it, spring compressed, strut out. Probably take about 3 posts.

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