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    school question


    I'm new to here and am looking for some people that may have a better outlook on what's out there. I'm looking for a school that has custom chassis fab, suspension fab, sheet metal fab (english wheel ect.), machining, CNC, and maybe a little gas and diesel engine courses. Both on and off road if possible. O and I guess I need to get my welding cert
    I'm pretty sure that having all of this in one place is probably improbable but if needed I'm pretty willing to bounce around schools. I grew up around all this but I feel that my knowledge of some of it is somewhat limited and most times the helper more than the conductor but I think it's time to get things going in the direction I want since I am now looking to go toward a new career path as I can't do my old one anymore.

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    Re: school question

    Welcome bpa, I don't know which school would be the best to use for all the apps you want. I was going to send my daughter to Wyotech for hotrod fab at one point, and knoe someone else that went to UTI for diesel mechs.

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    Re: school question

    Wyotech has a campus near here and has gotten nice reviews. Don't know how well their program offering fits with what you are looking for though.

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