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    dewalt 18 ga. brad nailer

    i got a dewalt 18 ga brad nailer for my birthday in May and am having some trouble with it.

    i built a picture frame soon after i got it and it seemed to work alright, but now i am trying to nail 1x2 into the edge of a piece of plywood and just about every nail i shoot veers off and comes out the side. i'm using 2" brads... are these just too long? or is the air pressure not high enough? or is just gun just defective??

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    Re: dewalt 18 ga. brad nailer

    I have the same nail gun for over a year and have never had any problems with it. You might try there web site for help with it, or if you have a dealer close by. Thats what I would do since it is there's.


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    Re: dewalt 18 ga. brad nailer

    I've had this problem with 2" brads in particular. They are generally a pretty light gauge and susceptible to blowing out the side if you aren't nearly at a perfect 90 to the piece. More air might help, but I usually just switch to my angle finish nailer which uses heavier gauge nails.

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    Re: dewalt 18 ga. brad nailer

    I would vote that the brads are too long. Use glue and a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 (max) brad.
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    Re: dewalt 18 ga. brad nailer

    Plywood is made up of a buch of chips of wood and those chips can be on angles. When shooting into the side these chips can send the nails in different directions and out the side.

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