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    Spiral/Helical Handrail

    I am making a Spiral staircase of 23 mtr height and 1.7 mtr diameter. Everything is completed, except the spiral handrail of 1-1/4" steelpipe. I rolled 6 mtr length of the pipe in a complete circular shape (without any twisting) which is of almost 1.95 mtr dia. Now I am making a Fixture of actual size of the spiral (For one complete turn), the lead of the helix is 3 mtrs...I would do it by heating the rolled pipe and fixing it in the fixture....
    My question...Is there a better and neat & clean way to roll a spiral of this kind??

    Your input is highly apreciated.

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    Re: Spiral/Helical Handrail

    Boy - this is beyond anything I have attempted.

    My guess would be to roll it the normal way and then open it up lengthwise - I think this is how you are describing?

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    Re: Spiral/Helical Handrail

    Computer Controlled Ring Rollers (Or Roll Benders) can make offset rolls like that. Let me see if I can locate a vid.

    EDIT: This is what I'm thinking of: If you can find someone with this sort of equipment, they would be able to form the sections of railing quite easily for you.
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    Re: Spiral/Helical Handrail

    Thanks for your replies.....I have done it by intermittent rolling & simaltaneous rotating the pipe in a simple manual rolling fixture, and it was very close to the actual shape. Than I refined it using simple Blacksmith tactics using wooden blocks & Hammers and some jerks for twist adjustments. It is looking nice (But I had to ruin 12 mtrs of pipe for this trial and error methos)...For manual rolling, I used a simple technique. I divided the circumference of the spiral on 15 (Number of steps), marked the lines on the pipe, and rolled manualy from one mark to the next one, and than loosened the roller & rotated the pipe 24 degrees (360/15)..and repeated the same procedure...
    Offcourse the CNC is the best method.

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