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    Re: Keeping your welding magnets clean

    Thanks for the hello. You could try some elmers glue or rubber cement to keep the silicone contamination at bay. just about any thing you can spread and will harden and capture the shavings. i've used the wire wheel or a blast of shop air and it just sprays shavings all over my shop. I prefer to capture them and dispose, so i have room to make more.

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    Re: Keeping your welding magnets clean

    Welcome to the site!

    It would be best to begin your own thread with your question but since we are here - I prefer Miller welders. As far as which one - lot of variables. Start a thread and you will get some advice.

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    Re: Keeping your welding magnets clean

    You should show him all that BLUE paint.

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    Re: Keeping your welding magnets clean

    I use the torch lit with the oxy trigger pulled with a fast back and forth action to clean the fuzzies off the magnets after I wiped with a shop towel. If you move fast enough the paint doesn't even get blemished. Been dong this for 15 years and still using some of my original magnets.
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    Re: Keeping your welding magnets clean

    Welcome to the site Mr.Ed.

    Think this is the first post in almost 3 months!

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