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    Autodesk Inventor LT

    How about free software? What's not to like?

    I came across this elsewhere, but I jumped on it. Autodesk is giving out free licenses for Inventor LT calling it a technology preview. I'm not sure how long it lasts, but I didn't read anything about it expiring.

    It's a big bugger and need s some horsepower to run, but it can do some cool stuff. Includes tutorials to learn it as well.

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    Re: Autodesk Inventor LT

    If any of yins guys (lingo alert) need a hand with using this software, I can likely help. I run the full blown version of Inventor designing machinery 8 hours a day.

    For me - the learning curve was a rough one. I have been running ACAD since the days of DOS, so wrapping my head around the simplicity or parametric modeling was a bit of a challenge. I have dabbled in SolidWorks and Alibre for the past few years and have now embraced Inventor - primarily out of necessity.

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