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    Re: Solidworks 2008-09

    im also a M.E. student and have used both solidworks and inventor. Our computer lab has both programs but i only have inventor on my personal computer since it's free for students. i like working with both programs although i havent drawn anything near as cool as the above pictures. sure is fun (and powerful) to mess around in though!
    - garrett

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    Re: Solidworks 2008-09

    I use solidworks for my mechanical designs before. But now I'm using Atodesk Autocad software to create some 3d objects. Rendering in Autodesk Autocad is much easier. Autocad 2009 now is the latest one.

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    Re: Solidworks 2008-09

    Quote Originally Posted by Cebby View Post
    Hi all - (yes I'm still above ground, sorry for the absence)

    I've been taking some classes and was able to score a copy of Solidworks student edition for $80. It's supposed to be a full version that works for 24 months. I've been dabbling with it and am enjoying learning it thoroughly.

    Anyone else use Solidworks?
    Have you seen

    archie =) =) =)
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    jeffery send me a pm.
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