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    Smith & Arrow cutting wheels

    I was sent the 5" ones.... I had a couple of things in mind for them so here goes.... all were used on a 5" Kawasaki grinder.

    I had to fab up a new exhaust for a 98 C6500 at work from elbows and straight pipe..... fit up is key with butt welding exhaust pipe so I tried them out and the first wheel didn't last very long...couple of cuts no big deal as I have had bad ones from every manufacturer so the next disk lasted longer but neither one of them cut straight....I figured as much being so thin.... the next task was a hyd tank at work that had a split in it so I drained the tank and welded a bolt onto a washer.... the washer was to cover the bad spot and the bolt was for the ground.... I needed the thin flexible disk to cut the bolt of as flush as possible so less grinding....well the same disk that wouldn't cut straight due to being thin wouldn't flex enough to cut the bolt of very close....... and the last test was some flat bar for a quick bucket repair on the same machine..... the flat bar was 1 1/2" wide and 3/16" thick....the disk held up but was slow so I switched to a Sait disk (thin as well) that cut the flat bar quicker and with less "fragmentation" of the blade ( longer disk life) ....
    so all in all for a once in a while quick cut off situation they do the job just not as quick or as long lasting as other for at home/hobbyist use they work just fine but for a money making deal I wouldn't use them ....yes over all they are less per disk but they don't put out enough product to make up for there shorter life and slower cutting abilities..... so I will use them at home and could possibly order some for here on my little projects and keep one or two on my truck to get me out of a jamb...

    Amber thank you for allowing me to test your product and asking for my input... I will continue to use the rest of the samples you sent me and will keep this posting updated if I have anything else to add as well as pass some onto another welder / fabricator I know and work with to get his input.....

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    Re: Smith & Arrow cutting wheels

    I got a box in the mail Friday. So far I'll I've done is cut out a few rivets out of a Blazer frame. That isn't a test for any wheel. I'll fab something up to give them a work out pretty soon.

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