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    I guess if the Wabbit is stepping up, time for me to plant a flag also.

    My engine swap and other "stuff" has gotten in the way of getting my fab business off and running quickly. Looks like now is the time.

    A little background - I've been designing products out of metal for nearly 16 years and have been welding for just as long. My design work has been an eclectic mix of pieces for manufacturing automation, bracketry and custom pieces for the office furniture market and most recently for off road armor and accessories.

    The off road world doesn't need yet another fabricator making the same tube or plate creations as everyone else. I have something a bit different in mind. Something I have not seen yet. I won't be letting the cat out of the bag until I have some pieces to show, so don't ask.

    My goal will be to do short runs of items I've designed. If any of the items take off, I have an exceptional metal fabrication shop at my disposal to do production runs. They're a family business and friend since high school. That will allow me to focus on new product development - which is my favorite thing to do!!

    The initial offering will be items for the 2nd Gen 4Runner (1990-1995) since I have one. I have someone with a 1st Gen 4Runner (86-89) that I'll be doing items for, so those will follow shortly after. Since the attachment points are diffferent on the 84-85 4Runner, these will follow after I can get my hands on one. 3rd Gen Runners will follow after that. Since I also have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I might also make up a few items I've been kicking around for that vehicle to see what the interest will be.

    My website is coming together - not finished yet, but getting there. I have never had a site for my 4Runner, but get asked alot of questions about it. I thought it was time - especially with the engine swap I've taken on.

    So here's the COREquipment Site and here is a link to my 4Runner site. Neither of the sites have any content yet - I'll update this thread as I add items.

    For those of you wondering where the name came from, it stands for "Confluence Off Road Equipment". Pittsburgh has one of the most famous confluences (where 2 rivers come together to create a 3rd). In Pittsburgh, it is where the Allegheny and Monongahela come together to form the Ohio River.

    The Mon is on the right, Allegheny on the left forming the Ohio at Point State Park.

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    Re: COREquipment

    Cool, I'd like to see what ya have in mind. And don't forget the Explorers, LOL. I have a first gen (1991) eddie Bauer edition I'd like to do some upgrades on. Good luck with the new business.

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