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    Re: New Home Construction - the do's and don'ts thread

    The system is the Vangard Manabloc system. (They have sold to a company called something like Viega now. But search for Manabloc and you will find it. It is also available through my local Lowes now, but I bought it online from Mountain View Plumbing. Awesome company.)

    Anyway, the valves with the red discs are all hot and the blue are the cold. The lines at the top are out to the water heater (right) and back in from the water heater (left.) The big line on the bottom is the feed from my well. (It was not actually connected in that photo.)

    The red key is exactly that. You can turn off each line individually right where the red and blue discs are on each line.

    I also have a 6 port cold only manifold for the outside hose bibs. It is fed from the well through a separate line. This way when I get around to adding a water softener, I will not water the lawn with soft water. You can see it in the very bottom right of this photo:

    If you would like to see the manifold HUGE and closeup:
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    Re: New Home Construction - the do's and don'ts thread

    I like the attention to detail that you went to the trouble to paint the surrounding wood behind/around the manifold since that will be seen through your access panel.

    It's the little things...

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    The Garage Project lives

    bump for a very old thread.

    Have been away for waaaaay too long and thought I'd give an update on the garage project. Can't believe how long it's been. Anyways, we began site prep a few weeks ago with the removal of several large trees, and then the stump grinding. On July 1 (Last Friday), I received my zoning permit and am awaiting the approval of the building permit. I submitted complete drawings for the zoning permit, and was in and out in 11 minutes with permit in hand. Hope to have the building permit within the the next week or so.

    We finalized on a 28'x54' concrete block building; (3) 10x9 doors, shop area will be 16x28' and the ceiling will be 12'4" interior height. Floor will be radiant, and the third bay, nearest the shop area will have a Rotary SmartLift in-ground 2 post lift. These are nearly flush to the floor and self-contained with no leakage or environmental issues. The second floor will have 12/12 roof with rooms at each gable end of about 14'x16'. The room over the shop will house the air compressor, parts washer and bead blast cabinet. The room to the other end will be rack storage for parts. The center area of the second floor is a reverse gable, with a room size of 22'x28' and will house a 3/4 bath/locker room and a bonus room (bar/billiards, etc. We are zoned for no living above a garage, so can't do a complete kitchen, but it will be well appointed for entertaining our car club friends.

    We expect to begin excavating this week, and setting forms prior to getting the building permit. We can do everything but pour concrete, as we will need a footer inspection prior to pouring.

    We headed for Delaware early this morning to have a look at a used (2 yr. old) SmartLift and bought it. Will need to buy a new containment case and superstructure, as these remain in the ground whenever the lift is removed. I saved about 50% over buying an all new lift, and the used components come with a warranty, too. Will do lots of pics on the installation on this. These are very cool lifts, and take up much less space than a regular 2 post above ground lift, making them perfect for my smaller shop. While it sounds big, stuffing in 5+ cars and a truckload of shop tools will use up alot of space in a hurry.

    Yes, there will be photos along the way, for now all there is are the removal and stump grinding shots...I'll spare you the boring details....More to follow.

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