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    Is my torque wrench working...


    I needed a low force wrench (30 to 40 inch /lbs) for my car. I got a Pittsburgh 1/4" Click type torque wrench (not expensive). From what I read about torque wrenches, I expected that there was some sort of clutch system that would slip when you tight too much, and thus that you couldn't tight more. Instead of that, when I reach the torque limit, the head takes an angle but if I want i can still tight more. Moreover it's not really easy to tell when you reach that limit or not (you have to work really slowly).
    So as it's the first torque wrench I have I would like to know if that's normal or if the wrench is defective.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Is my torque wrench working...

    Yes it will continue to torque....I see it all the time a guy will reach the torque hear the click let up and pull it again........ good job I say you just started all over........I like the click type over all others for general work.....I do like the dial type for some stuff but for an all around torque wrench the click gets my vote....

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    Re: Is my torque wrench working...

    jpclamme, you should surely hear a click when the dialed torque is reached. Keep in mind that an inch/pound TR is going to reach the dialed torque easily and quickly.

    I would test it on a few non-essential fasteners to see if it will click.

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    Re: Is my torque wrench working...

    thanks guys,

    I'm not sure I can hear a real click, but I it seams that this cheap wrench is not the kind that stops. Je head bends and you need to feel it.


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    Re: Is my torque wrench working...

    Torque limiting torque wrenches are quite a bit more expensive and not all that common. I doubt that's the style you have.


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