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    What Can You Tell Me

    about the Eliminator waste oil heater? I'm getting ready to buy one and just wondering if I'll be happy with it. I've been working on converting an old Oil Burner Furnace to Waste Oil, but need some heat to keep working in the shop. Found a good deal on a used Eliminator so I'll buy it, just wondering if anybody has any experience with them?

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    Re: What Can You Tell Me

    Waste oil heaters are designed for CONTINUOUS USE to be efficient and non polluting. Keeping that in mind, you must have a good source and reliable source of waste oil. The waste oil should have a acceptable viscosity and flow characteristics. Waste oil contaminates less when run through at a consistent temperature (output of btu's). Turning down the burning is where this unit will start to fail and start to pollute. Mixing in some kerosene will help keep up the btu output.

    Firing waste oil through a oil burner gun is better and offers better efficiency. Keeping the noozle clean requires the oil to be cleaned before pressurizing through the pump. Ignition is more thorough and complete.

    Never fire either by using gasoline as a thinning agent
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