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    Workbench buildup

    I set out a couple months ago to clean up the garage and ended up building a workbench. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

    The top layer is made of 2 layers of 3/4" plywood for a total thickness of 1.5". If the top layer gets too beat up over the years I can replace it. Surrounding the plywood is 1.5" square steel tube to protect the edges and help give the table some beef.

    The shelves slide out on ball bearing rollers and are strong enough to hold my weight (160 lbs).

    To protect the wood from burns I placed a sheet of stainless steel sheet metal under the grinder.

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    Re: Workbench buildup

    Nice. I love the slide out shelves.
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    Re: Workbench buildup

    Good idea with the stainless sheet!

    Sounds like maybe someone had a little experience with a fire at some point?

    I also like the way you hung the right side of the grinder over the edge of the bench. That is excellent thinking right there.

    We need to talk about your electrical situation, though....

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    Re: Workbench buildup

    Thanks all. No fire but I noticed the wood getting a little singed a while ago and I had the SS laying around. My electrical situation? You mean my lack of electricity? That will be remedied shortly. I just moved into this house less than a month ago and will be installing 120V, 240V and some shop lights.

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    Re: Workbench buildup

    Steve - is that black piece a lip on the slide out shelves?

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    Re: Workbench buildup

    Yeah, that turned into a lip but that wasn't the original intent. When I bought the plywood I forgot to check if it was straight and ended up with a warped one. To help straighten it out I got some 1/2" square tube (because it was the cheapest) and bolted it to the plywood. In the end it was a good thing because it also helps strengthen the shelf and will help prevent sagging over the years. There's one on the front and back of each shelf.

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