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Thread: Fishing Buddies

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    Fishing Buddies

    Three men were in the boat early before dawn fishing.All was quite and suddenly one said,"You know I had to promise my wife I would paint the whole house to get permission to come fishing today."
    The second guy says,"You're lucky.I had to promise to remodel the whole kitchen."
    There was then a long period of silence.Finally the first guy asks the third,"What did you have to promise to come today?"
    "Nothing.I just nudged her at 4:00 AM and asked her.'Sex or fishing?'"
    She said"Wear a sweater!"

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    Fishing Buddies

    Larry and Jeff were hunting in Jeffs back yard, when Larry turned to Jeff and said I think your wife in your house with another man.. Jeff thinks about it a minute and then says shoot the guy and my wife. Larry looks and says no problem, Ill only need one shot....
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