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Thread: bridgeport

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    Re: bridgeport


    Any news here?

    C'mon, guys - we need some new meat to chew on!!

    If it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done

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    Re: bridgeport

    I have a couple of questions. Before I start a little back ground. I have a pretty good mec. back ground but have never been to any schools.

    1. Bridgeport is R8 and I have found a drill chuck with JT33 stamped on it. Will a R8 J33 Drill Chuck Shank fit?

    2. I have a JSN7 automatic tapper, I got it from Shars. Does anyone know where I can get repair parts for it?

    3. I need to rebuild my ways and screw drives X,Y. Does anyone know where I can get repair parts for it? It was built in England in the late 70's 2J ser.


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