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    Re: Welding Fixtures - Let's see 'em!

    Wow! I use jigs, but nothing like Atlas' jigs. I would be afraid a piece of slag would melt through the air line. LOL!

    I don't have any photos of my jigs. They are not usually too pretty.
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    Re: Welding Fixtures - Let's see 'em!

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    Re: Welding Fixtures - Let's see 'em!

    I use a 2'x2' piece of 1/2 inch plate steel with 1/2-13 holes drilled 6" on center and I use the clamping kit from my milling machine to hold bits and pieces in place. Since the table on my milling machine is too small to fit the whole piece I tried drilling the holes by hand. It worked up to about 3/16" then the drill started biting into the plate and nearly broke my wrist. I rented a magnetic drill to finish sizing up the holes and then used it to start the tap so that I was not trying to tap at an angle. It took four hands to get it right the first couple of holes but after that it went smoothly with no broken taps. I'm thinking about renting the mag drill again and going with holes 3" on center for more flexibility.

    I didn't mount the 1/2 plate to anything. When I need to use it I heave it up on my welding talble and hold it in place with some clamps. I've been pretty good at spraying everything with anti-spatter before I start tacking anything in place. So far, so good.

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