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    Some stuff I built

    A SS down pipe for a turbo RSX
    A Jeep Bumper/Tire Carrier
    Adjustable Jack Stands

    Part of a hull for an (aluminum) ferry I was working on at my last job
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    Re: Some stuff I built

    Nice! I like the jack stand. Did you do any testing to see what kind of weight it will hold?

    BTW: Welcome to the site.
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    Re: Some stuff I built

    WOW! Nice work!

    I love the downpipe - did you TIG that? That reminds me, I have some headers I need to build...

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    Re: Some stuff I built

    Thanks guys,

    I used 2 jackstands to hold up the front of a truck by the bumper and where fine, there adjustable by screw for leveling and extend by 12"...Yes the down pipe is all tig welded, the project ended up turning into a whole exhaust system.

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    Re: Some stuff I built

    Nice stuff ya got there

    A craftsman is someone who does a better job than anyone thinks is necessary.

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    Re: Some stuff I built

    Just added sum tig cart pix too

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    Re: Some stuff I built

    nice downpipe! I keep saying I'm going to finish mine and never have....Great work! All the other stuff looks killer too. I like the cart design, nice and simple.

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