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    4 post lifts

    Anyone got a 4 post auto lift? Have been looking at several in the 7-8,000 lb range. Seems cheaper than adding on to the shop, gets me an extra parking place and, of course, the ability to work on the underside without laying on my back. Seems to be several, all claiming to be USA made, all claiming that the competition is cheap Chi com junk. Who has actual experience? Thanks

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    Re: 4 post lifts

    I have the Autolifters M-80 (They sold out to someone else after money troubles)
    Its what I consider to be the BARE MINIMUM that I would get under. There is NO FREEKING WAY I would get under a chinese lift, or ANY lift that had open uprights. NO WAY. You need the 4" sq. structural tubing with the cutouts for the lock mechanism.

    To do it over, I would shoot the wad, and go Back Yard Buddy. Much nicer lift than mine. Maybe $2-300 more at the time. My bad.

    If you plan on using it alot, go with the 220v Cheaper to use, and its a bit faster going up.

    I'll bet mine has over 1,000 cycles up/down, between my 4 cars. I know the drag car has AT LEAST 350 cycles itself!

    Scrap metal made....while you wait!

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    Re: 4 post lifts

    Backyard buddy was one that I have been looking at. Thanks for the advice.

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