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    Kitchen Interior Ceiling on the cheap...

    To go along with this thread:

    I need to replace the ceiling in my roughly 10x10 tiny little kitchen. Currently, it has those staple up acoustical tiles - it has a couple missing and many places where it has sagged since it had a lot of water coming through on it.

    I think I have two options for ceiling material:

    1. Remove and install new acoustic tile ceiling (downside - I think these things absorb kitchen smells, so smelly stuff would linger longer IMO and more expensive than option 2)

    2. Galvanized Corrugated steel (upsides - easy to install w/minor cutting, won't take on the food smell, cheaper). I can do the room with 5 pieces of corrugated at about $13 each. I have my wife talked into the look. I've seen this used on the ceiling of a restaurant before - looked great.

    Either solution gives me the opportunity to improve the lighting in there. Also planning on running another circuit into there since the PO has one circuit for the whole kitchen. The rule in our house is no microwave and toaster at the same time...

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    Re: Kitchen Interior Ceiling on the cheap...

    That is what I did. I had the same tiles in all the rooms in the house. Removed them and put in the hallway,bedrooms,living room and dinning room sheetrock and the tiles in the kitchen. I use the brass colored for that. The one I had on the ceilings were stapled and they must have used over 30 per tile. Found out is way easier to put sheetrock then to pull all the staples and recoat with plaster.

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