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Thread: Condo Fire

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    Condo Fire

    A couple of friends have been working on a large condo renovation where they connected two townhouse style codos and made them into one. This was about a five month project because of all the restrictions emposed by the condo committee. These condos are in a very old renovated mill building.

    Anyway, they were about two weeks from being done. One of my friends installed all the hardwood flooring, cabinetry and finish while the other did all the tile and countertops. There was a floor finisher that was hired to sand and finish the floors. He apparently had to repair and refinish one area for some reason or other. When he was done, he left a bag of sawdust leaning against the kitchen island since it was right at the end of the hours they were allowed to transport materials up and down the elevator. During the night the bag of dust combusted spontaneoulsy burning the center island to the ground and setting off five sprinkler heads in the condo. The sprinkler successfully extinguished the fire but not before it flooded 26 other units in the building. There was water running through the parking garage four floors below.

    It's been three weeks since it happened and the insurance adjusters are still assessing the damages. I guess the floor finisher only has $500,000 insurance so the GC is thinking it may came back on him now.

    I don't know what finish they used but obviousy it is never a good idea to mix anything with a finish on it with dry sawdust. And it's alway sa good idea to allow enough time to clean up completely when the job is finished. They were only allowed to work between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 and could only transport materials in the elevator during those hours as well. If they were caught breaking there agreement with the condo comittee there were to be fines imposed. I don't know all the particulars but I'm thinking looking back now that it would have been better to reveive whatever penalty there would have been to get rid of the bag of sawdust after the normal working hours.
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    Re: Condo Fire

    I agree with the clean up comments and I think it is simply a good practice if you are in business to always leave no traces of yourself behind. Your work speaks for you when you are not there to speak for your work.

    Sounds like a bad situation, for sure.

    Hopefully this thread keeps something like this from happening to anyone that reads it.....

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