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    Tool Storage Cabinets

    Hi, I read your post about tool storage.I think you put each section in a trash bag (cheapest ones around) don't take time to worry about how they go in. They are never any trouble next year as long as they are in separate bags they don't tangle too bad. After putting in bag I put all the bags in a plastic tote and start dreaming about next Christmas.Have a nice day.
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    Re: Icicle light storage question.

    Well it IS that time of year where the kids are getting excited about Christmas. Yes I know we still have one more week of October, but it is rounding the corner.

    SO I'm curious how these light storage ideas worked out. I usually buy cheap lights and replace them after the season with the incredible deals for after christmas decor. But would love to start saving good ones.

    Any pics of the storage set ups?


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