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    brainstorming for workbench ideas

    I read Stomper's post about building a bench and cart. That looks great.

    This is my first post. I have a two seperate single car garages, and a small shed workshop so I'm kind of spread out.

    I recently was given 4 "L" shaped office desk units. I took them apart. There are 8 30" high pedestals, 4 each with 2 file drawers (30" deep), and 4 each that are three drawer (20" deep). There are also 1.25" thick desktops, 4 each of two sizes: 30"x60" and 20"x45". I have three pencil drawers that are about 1.5" high and maybe 30"wx20"d. There is also a bunch of misc. crap for the privacy panels and such, and a couple of keyboard trays (not sure how they can be re-used).

    I was thinking about using 4 pedestals under a counter top to make a tool cabinet and workbench. The big problem is that it will be too short at 30". Its kind of strange to describe, but there is a piece of tubing that that privacy screens were attached to, and it fits into what is like a metal rabbet on the bottom of the pedestals, so I think I can attach the pedestals together.

    I'm just not sure how best to raise the units about 6". I have a 16'x20' garage, so it would be nice to have it on wheels. I don't weld, but I'm willing to learn! I can probably find someone who would help with it, or I could bolt or rivet.

    I know they aren't fancy, but they were free. Any ideas from y'all on how best to take advantage of using these?


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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    Great score! I'm actually in the furniture industry (still)...

    Best thing to do if you can get someone to weld for you is to make a flat cart out of tube or angle steel. Get some nice large (locking) casters and there ya go.

    The other option without welding would be to make a wood platform 4-6"h to set the cabinets and benchtop onto.

    You could also double up the cabinet tops for more beef on top of the cabinets...

    OOOOOO.... I just had an idea - take one of the desktops, attach casters directly to that, stack the cabinets onto it, then place another desktop on top. I'd screw the cabinets together and to the top and bottom surfaces. Probably need 6 casters I'd think.

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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    Thanks; I wasn't sure how many tops I would us as counters but using a top as a base is a great idea. The two tops and the castors would give me the height. I guess if I took it a step further, I might be able to build a box around the pedestals, and make it tall enough inside to mount a couple of the pencil drawers in the gap under the top.

    This is sort of how I was seeing it in my head. I'm not great with photoshop.

    My garage is unpainted bare stud wall and I've just spent some time painting a bunch of kitchen cabinets white so I can hang them and brighten things up a bit. It looked like this when I started, and I just replaced a bunch of sill, sheathing, the man door, some trim, and some studs. I think I could have framed a two car garage in the time it took

    I started with this. It's better already, but nothing to take pics of yet!

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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    This is what I have done with a few cabinets I have scored.
    This roll-a-round work bench cost me 100 dollars including the cost of the brand new, dropped off the truck base unit...

    I got two of these at a yard sale for 15 bucks each...

    I put them on casters and they are now mobile organizers for all of my automotive paint guns and sanding supplies.
    I just scored a few cabinets like you did a couple of weeks ago. They are on casters now also and one is going to be storage for all of my big grinders and the other is a small tool and drill bit organizer.
    With limited space put everything you can on casters. That makes the tools mobile so you can store them out of the way and it also makes it easier to clean because all of your equipment can be rolled out of the way to clean and then easily put back. Everything in my shop is on casters except for one workbench.
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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    My latest find was about 14 feet worth of football locker room lockers. I put up the insulation and screwed them directly into the studs and put plywood above to close off the opening. I added some shelves into some of them last weekend to increase the usable storage. each locker is 3' tall and 18" deep.

    Best of all, the guy just wanted them gone. So free...... wooohooo, gotta love that!!!!!!!!

    I'll try to add some pics after I get them painted. Maybe a nice battleship grey to match the Lincoln.

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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    I'd love to find some lockers... Nice score!!

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    Re: brainstorming for workbench ideas

    So it only took me forever to work on this. Cebby's idea about using the top for a base seems ok so far. I got double locking casters for it. Thanks for the idea!

    I'm still trying to decide about keeping the drawer locking rails and making a "key". It seems a decent idea to keep the lock available.

    I still have the pencil drawers. They were undermount. I need to figure out a cabinet and a way to make the glide sidemount.

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