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Thread: Air Hose Reel

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    Air Hose Reel

    Anyone have any photos of home built air hose reels that you have made for your shop? I have a 20" SRT ( Dodge) wheel that I want to make into a hose reel to store 50" of air hose. I want to include the brake rotor, caliper and knuckle so it can all be seen through the wheel. Not sure how to get started though. I want to mount it on the wall and I can do light welding ( not an expert by any means). Any help or photos woould be great!

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    Re: Air Hose Reel

    I haven't ever built one, but that sounds like a cool project. The toughest part I'm guessing would be finding and retrofitting a retraction mechanism. I think those usually need to go "through" the hose reel, not be offset like I'm thinking yours would need to be.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled...

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    Re: Air Hose Reel

    Thanks Cebby!

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