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    Re: Service carts..... decisions, decisions

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    Hey astro, those are some pretty cool carts, and work area. I'll have to keep my eyes open at some garage sales.
    Thanks. Garage sales, estate sales. I picked up the sink base at Lowes for 80 bucks. It was brand new but had been dropped off the truck and was busted up a bit. I fixed it in 20 minutes, built drawers for the three dummy fronts and put it on casters. I have a hundred bucks tied up in it.
    I did kinda the same thing for my sister. She had a set of drawers that was a pedestal for a water bed. She was going to toss them out. I stole them out of her junk, put them on a 2 x 4 frame with casters, added an OSB top and gave them back to her... She uses them all the time in her furniture refinishing business.
    Even old card files can be put to use as roll-a-round tool centers. I built this one using a cut-down 15 dollar furniture dolly I got at HF.

    I added another set on top of these (after the pic) for a total of 10 drawers. I have five more of these drawer units. I will put all 10 of them on a frame with an OSB top separated by a set of three yard sale drawers I got for 6 bucks...
    I don't mean to steal your thread, Dan. It's just that there is a lot of opportunity out there for cheap tool storage if you look hard enough.
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    Re: Service carts..... decisions, decisions

    I think our cheap tool storage ideas needs its own thread!

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    Re: Service carts..... decisions, decisions

    A different view...

    If its for WORK, then perhaps you might not want to leave something you built for someone else to use. Not so hard to leave a "storebought" cart. Less attachment. Lets face it, today, workers are pretty mobile. Besides, how much time would the employer give him to build a unit similar to the storebought. Then, there is the appearance level.

    If other employees see something "homebuilt", it leaves a negative attitude with the average employee. (See? the boss cheaped out again....) Not worth saving a hundred bucks or so. Remember, he's getting paid to build it at work! Most non tool people wouldn't think twice about it. They see something similar at Sears for $100, and not realize the actual cost for something decent.

    Me personally?? If the Boss was buying with an open checkbook, I'd take the storebuilt every time. I like the 103" Cornwall up in the upper left corner...

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    Re: Service carts..... decisions, decisions

    ^ mmm i like the 103" too but i cant imagine wheeling that to every car i work on , just playing. i like the 65" one, but for now i'll have to deal with my crappy "Craftsman ball bearing griplatch" box

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