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    Hydraulic web link and Safety reminder

    Cebby I don't know for sure where to put this however for anyone using or working with hydraulics web link might be helpful,,, also injury from hydraulic (somewhat graphic) had a guy I use to work with had his finger injected by hydraulic fluid from a pin hole leak,, ended up loosing his finger,,,as always around any compressed fluid or air pressure use caution,,,,

    web link;
    some good info when you page down and look through the links on left,,,

    injury again graphic;;;;

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    Re: Hydraulic web link and Safety reminder


    Well I guess if they can cut steel with a stream of water, our bodies are no challenge to pressurized fluid.

    Good post Zonk.
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    Re: Hydraulic web link and Safety reminder

    When they still had the rubber room where I work they had what they called water knives to cut the rubber to length I believe it was water under hydraulic pressure to demenstrate took a chicken leg it sliced it like hot butter. Granted most home shops don't mess with high pressures,, however fliud under pressure can be dangerous,,, another thing if I remember right it only takes I believe 10 psi of air pressure to inject something into your skin just always be aware of anything under pressure....

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    Re: Hydraulic web link and Safety reminder

    This is a good spot for it zonk. Good post!

    You weren't kidding about graphic. That is super-nasty...

    Where's that barfing smiley when I need it...

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    Re: Hydraulic web link and Safety reminder

    Extreme fluid pressures - gas, or hydraulic, are something to be very cautious of. I have a scar from a high pressure air pinhole leak, and a guy I worked with lost the first joint of one finger to a 3800 pound hydraulic hose leak. One of the most unsettling things I can remember was walking around in a switchyard, and hearing that high pitched whistle that indicated a high pressure leak; it made you walk careful. Whenever we would have that situation arise, we'd get a wooden dowel about five or six feet long and use it like a blind mans white cane, waving it around in front of us, so we didn't inadvertently walk into the path of a jet of high pressure air; when we'd find the leak, then we could take care of the problem, but until that time, it was like walking in among a nest of snakes in the dark.
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