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    Those that have been unable to post - read this...

    I have gotten a few emails from folks who have not been able to post. Upon investigation of this I found that the registration process had not been completed. (This is not directed at you Ggg -- your problem is something else)

    The normal process for registering on vBulletin forums:

    1. You fill out a form online that includes a goofy image that you have to decipher and plug into the form.
    2. You click a link in the registration email sent to you to validate your email address.

    From an admin perspective, both of the above are optional. I use them because it helps to cut down on the number of spammers who flood the site with crap.

    It is a known issue with "hotmail" accounts in particular that their spam filter generally sends the registration email to the spam folder/trash. Depending on how aggressive your spam blocker is, these registration emails may never get to you (whether you use hotmail or not). The registration email link click is a requied element of the registration process - without it you won't be posting.

    If you haven't already, you may need to "allow" emails from "" to assure you get registration email and other announcements. Also, if you subscribe to a thread and have email notification, these won't get to you if you have us blocked in your spam blocker

    I went and manually validated about 10 users last night - it should be an automated process.
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