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Thread: Welding Table

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    Welding Table

    Cebby mentioned posting pics of our welding tables in a previous
    post. Here's one I made years ago, and still holding up well. I used
    2" x 2" x 1/4" angle for the frame, and sheared 18 ga for the panels
    that are stitch welded on. The top is 1/4" plate 60" x 30" with a
    longer over hang on one end so I can be comfortable with a stool
    while welding. I added a outlet box on the side to run an ext cord
    to so I can plug all my grinders into, and keep cords to a minimum.
    Wish the top was thicker steel, but it's held up well.

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    Re: Welding Table

    I built two of these tables a couple of years ago and I use them for everything. Jigging, fixturing, welding, etc. The "H" beams allow for clamping just about anything to them and being on casters lets me take them outside for grinding or heavy welding projects.

    The beams are fully adjustable across the table and can also be removed for even more versatility.

    You can see my plate shear and 4" bender clamped to one. Makes for quick and easy set-up for most of my metal fab tools and benders.
    I am like a LavaLamp... Not very brite but fun to watch...

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    Re: Welding Table

    Great tables! I like the sliding beams, and the hieght
    adjusters for stability when needed. I have been
    clamping square tubing to mine when jigging up.

    Here's a simple cart I made for my little mig, still
    haven't got around to making the shelf for it.

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    Re: Welding Table

    Here's a fab-layout table I just finished. I wanted something I
    could use as a jig table for larger projects, but also use for
    a layout table. The top can be removed easily. I used 2" x 2" x 1/8"
    square tube. I originally planned on 1/4" wall tube, but this
    material was a freebie from a friend. The top is just cheap 3/4"
    particle board. Very happy with it, solid as a rock!

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    Re: Welding Table

    Twins! LOL A friend of mine came across a couple
    pieces of 3/4" x 2'x3' plate, and wanted a fab table
    welded up. After I got it together his friend saw it,
    and had to have one too. (there went the other plate!)
    The wheels he supplied seemed like overkill, but after
    using the cart they are worth it. Roll's great! They are
    from Grizzley for $19.50 ea. 2"x8" swivel/lock, the ridgids
    are a little cheaper.

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    Re: Welding Table

    Nice - I'm going to copy that for my welding table. I only got 1/2" for my top tthough...

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    Re: Welding Table

    1/2" plate will be great, little easier to handle! That 3/4" was
    about 183#, yours if the same size is about 122#. I use my
    overhead elec. hoist to handle the heavy stuff, the eye bolt
    is just visible in the center of the table.
    Here's a couple pics of how I mount vises, and other tool's.
    It makes it easy to roll the vise out of the way or remove it
    when placing large objects on the table. I used 2" sch 80
    for the reciever, and 1 1/2" pipe for the mount.

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    Re: Welding Table

    Here's a fixture I use when setting things up. It's just
    an oversize square, but it makes it a lot easier to set
    things up while working by myself. I've found lot's of
    uses for it on different projects.

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    Re: Welding Table

    There are some great ideas here. I really like the sliding H-beams, and the swivel-mounted vise. I may have to copy that oversize square fixture also.

    This is a table I stuck together for a friend yesterday. We started with a 8' x 4' 10" x 1" plate. He wanted it at least 3' wide, so we cut it down with a cold-cutting circular saw. (6 blades, but a nice smooth cut.) I think it's still too big. My table is only 2' x 4', and it gets full of crap. Legs are 4" x 4" x 1/4" tubing, tied together with 2" x 2" x 1/4" square. We were after weight!! Pads on the bottom are 6" x 6" x 1/2" flat.

    He has all the cool equipment to make this easy. A brand new Ellis bandsaw & belt grinder.

    Mobility isn't a problem for him because of having a forklift. I'm still thinking on what I want for shelf material. I'm leaning towards a piece of grating 1" thick, using a piece of the same for a pull-out cutting tray.

    3 nozzle holders/ground attachment points at different locations.

    Thinking now that a drawer would be nice under the other side of the deck.
    The receiver clamped to the leg in the photo holds an extension for the band saw table. Figure on bolting a large vise to the top on one end, unless I can talk him into the removable style. I had one on my service truck, with a locking thumbscrew, that worked very well.

    He's open for suggestions on what to use for back-wall protection. I've seen tables with shields attached, but don't think we want to do that. Just looking for something to put on the wall behind it. (I just had a thought. Could do an easily removable one. Stakes & pockets?)

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    Re: Welding Table

    Here is my solution to the solid top / open top delima facing some of us...

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