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If your budget warrants it and you have the room, a 800 to 1200 gallon holding tank is a great investment to hold the sewage and grunge that comes out of a garage.
While I agree with nearly everything this poster added, I must take issue with the statement concerning a holding tank for sewage. As a retired EH&S engineer and wastewater treatment operator, we call these holding tanks cesspits and I know of no municipality, nor local governmental agency that will allow such. Such a tank would become putrid almost immediately, making the structure unbearable to inhabit. If your local community will not allow for a toilet, put bushes nearby!

Also, to avoid what happened to me, before beginning any step of the process, check with you local municipality to ensure that what you are planning will be permitted. I had done the entire process, including site engineering with everything but stormwater control, only to find that in spite of my satisfying each and every zoning and land use requirement, I was told I would not receive neither a location improvement permit, building permit, nor occupancy permit due to my wishing to run my business out of the building.

At the time, co-locating a business with a residence was prohibited by the town I "USED" to live in, in spite of my desires to make a more than $100K investment in a piece of property with no real value and not well suited for either residential, nor commercial use (one of the busiest streets in the state was the cross street). I have since moved to an adjacent county where I have a 3100 sq ft two story barn that I can run my business from, 2.5 acres, a beautiful house for SWMBO and property taxes of about one third what they were.

Check this stuff out before you waste time and energy.


ps-I don't make it to this site as often as I'd like and just now found this thread and hopefully I've offered something of benefit to those planning a new building. Sadly, in my case, moving from my childhood home of near 44 years was the best move.