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    Glazing or Caulk

    I'm not sure where to put this ,,, I need to repaint some of my windows around my garage. Noticed some of the glazing around the window is getting dried out or flaking off... My question is why couldn't I dig out the old glazing and just use paintable caulk in stead ....Sorry if a dumb question but I hate painting or anything to do with wood so looking for the easy way out...

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    Re: Glazing or Caulk

    That's exactly what I did and I had NO leaking/peeling/cracking problems for several years. Then I replaced all the windows (for efficiency reasons).

    I am aware of several others whom have done the same thing.

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    Re: Glazing or Caulk

    Great question! My garage is all original single pane glass, my house is all vinyl replacement windows (double glaze).

    The last time I replaced a single pane in my garage, I used the points and glazing putty (only because I didn't know any better - replaced it with what was in there). Next time will definitely be paintable caulk.

    Along these same lines, one of my double glazed windows has a cracked pane in it. Is there any way to take these apart and replace one pane?

    I guess we need a general home repair and improvement forum eh? I should have plenty to add to it in the coming months...

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