take it back asap! take it back! take it back!
Back a few years ago my wife bought me a new router ( B&D)to replace the two I lost in a fire a year prior and i almost divorced her over it .
I took it back to the big orange box and they gave me a credit for it so I went shopping was looking for a dual base with some better features and the guy there tossed me a ridgid said open it up and look at it then asked me if I wanted to see it run so he plugged it in set it in my hand and turned it on .I thought it was going to flip out but never did just slowly produced a nice hum. He said it was $200 and a lifetime warranty .I had an old crapsman that belonged to my dad and 2 big porter cables that wern't this nice and I wont go back . built a nice 2 router table and when it comes time for the second router it'll be another ridgid (they use the same accessories as the porter cable