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    Compressor Updata, Oill Question

    Okay, got the compressor going. Turned out, I'm actually turning it the right way. there was an arrow cast in the flywheel. There was also one drawn in yellow crayon, going opposite the cast in one, so I'm following the cast arrow.
    I opened up the crank case to see if there was any possible directional difference in the oil splashing system, there's not.
    When I pulled the side cover off, alot of the oil leaked out.
    It was so old and dirty, that it's impossible to determine what type of oil it was.
    So, what does everyone reccomend for use in an old compressor? It's a Speedaire, if that means anything.
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    Re: Compressor Updata, Oill Question

    Just make sure you use air compressor oil, it is diferent then regular engine oil. I bought a service kit with my IR engine driven compressor that had synthetic oil in the kit. I just can't remember if the synth oil was for the engine or the air pump.
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    Re: Compressor Updata, Oill Question

    If it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done

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