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Thread: Safety forum

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    Safety forum.

    How about a safety forum? One where people can talk about the latest in safety glasses, ear protection, welder sunburns, etc.
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    Re: Safety forum

    You think that needs it's own forum? Seems to me, there wouldn't be too many threads in a section dedicated to the latest advances in ear plugs. I would think safety related stuff would fit nicely in either the Reference or Shop and Garage talk sections, already in place. No offense, I'm not trying to shoot down your idea, just give an alternate view.

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    Re: Safety forum

    I'm willing to give it a try under the Shop and Garage Talk category. It's very little work to setup and movethe fe safety threads over.

    In addition to personal safety, we can discuss material safety, proper storage of hazardous materials, disposal of various chemicals, etc., etc.

    If it doesn't take off we can always blend it back into one of the other sections.

    Let's hear from a few more folks!

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    Re: Safety forum

    No offense taken. If it doesn't fly, no skin off my back.

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    Re: Safety forum

    Sounds like a great idea to me! Post up a link to the new page!!!
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