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    help me develop a new socket tray

    i need some input on developing a socket tray/shelf. i as thinking about bending some steel into a stairstep design that i can than coat with some plastic or rubber and actually set the sockets into to make a "bed" for them. the sockets will sit at about a 30* angle so you can read the sizes on them. if antone can give me some help developing this it would be great. i need to find out where i can get some sort of moldable rubber or plastic. thanks for any help

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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    Funny you should say that.

    I'm working on a custom socket holder right now that would be made of .040 alu sheet with laser cut holes for each socket. This would allow me to have places for every socket I own, including the dups, and not have empty spaces for ones I don't have and likely never will. It will also allow a more dense layout than the typical plastic models which tend to want to spread the sockets out in a waste of space. Making a custom holder also means that the one I make will perfectly fit the drawer sizes I have. So far, none of the commercial ones makes full use of any of the drawer sizes I have. Finally, I could group them in ways that made sense to me.

    I was going to sit them on their base for simplicity, and engrave the alu carrier for size so it would be easy to see from a distance (engraved, then swiped with high-vis paint, then wiped clean). Making it relatively flat would be easier to fabricate, and cheaper.

    Let me know what you are doing and perhaps we could coordinate.


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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    i like your idea for doing one to fit what you have. mine would be more...universal??, with "slots" for each socket, even the ones that i dont have. which could be a problem finding that socket, but what are friends for. the more i think about it i may just make a plaster mold that i could use to make duplicates. i'll have to think about how i can "engrave" the size on the tray, without it looking trashy. i dont know how small i can make the type so it will transfer.

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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    If making a mold, you could make them out of urethane. i think it would need some metal in it for some strength.

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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    i was thinking that maybe i could mold in some magnets to help hold the sockets, and give some support. i need to do some more research on the molding process

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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    So - where are these projects? You guys still in the thinkin' phase?

    If it wasn't for the last minute I wouldn't get anything done

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    Re: help me develop a new socket tray

    Here's what I used to corral all those loose sockets:

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