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    Re: Craftsman Air Ratchet Q?

    Actually, I'm going to NC this weekend, so I'll swing by and pick them up.
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    Craftsman Air Ratchet Q


    I would like to request Sears Craftsman tools for the Workshop Wish List. I use Craftsman tools regularly and can honestly say they are really great products.

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    Re: Craftsman Air Ratchet Q?

    That's all I own for handtools - if I were a pro, I might be more of a connoisseur. Air tool I have mostly IR stuff.

    Are you asking for a new section for the forum?

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    Re: Craftsman Air Ratchet Q?

    Sear warranty does have a nasty clause in it...tehy can now replace your tool with one that has been refurbished. Found this out the hard way about 2 years ago. A brand new flex head ergo handle 3/8 inch ratchet locked up in about 5 minutes of use. The outside was flawless...not a mark on was NEW. Took it back and they would only replace it with a refurbished one that looked like it had gone through a meat grinder. Quite PO'd, even 2 years later as it is the WORST looking tool in my box. I've been buying FACOM every chance I can now, but I do have alot of Craftsman stuff. My last experience was with my 3 ton jack. After several years of light use, the seals began leaking. No rebuild parts available, so ended up throwing out a jack. Will not replace it with Craftsman again, sadly. I do like the convenience, but the quality is slipping.


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    Re: Craftsman Air Ratchet Q?

    I started out with a craftsman tool set when I was 16 and they are decent tools. My very first tools were some cheap foreign ones that worked for most things but once I started working on cars and other things I broke most of them. I have some snap on and macto tools but can't justify the cost of most of them, most of the ones I have I bought used for a decent price. The nice thing about sears is that I can go on weekends and get replacements when they break. I had to take the back seat out of my truck one time and ended up breaking all 9 of the 1/2" drive T55 torx bits my local sears had on a sunday because the bolt was rusted and dirty with mud and sand. I have to call the snap on guy if one of those break and since I don't buy a great deal from him it can take a couple days to get a replacement. For the money craftsman tools are what I use. I wish I could afford all snap on because you can tell the quality but just can't justify the price when I don't use them to make money, just use them to save money from paying someone else to fix things!

    Sears started using refurbished tools and it does kinda stink but in my opinion it's still better to get a working tool for free when one breaks. In my opinion most other craftsman power and air tools are cheap junk. They used to be ok but now they just re badge other brands tools and most of the time they are cheap knock offs. I agree that the quality has really slipped, my grandpa has some craftsman tools from when he was young and even the power tools were well built back then, he has a drill that you can tell is well built and also still works. I have bought dewalt electric drills that have burnt out in the first year. I tend to be a little rough with my tools sometimes and really make them work so I try to buy ones I know can handle the abuse, spend some extra money up front but usually end up saving by not having to buy another one when the cheap one burns out.

    For air tools I have bought some used snap on and matco. Right now a lot of mechanics are getting rid of tools for cheap so you can find some really good deals on ebay and craigslist.

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