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    Painting metal clear

    What is the best way to clear coat bare metal? I can't find anything that will stick. Is power coating($$) going to be the best way? I have one more option I am going to try. I saw some rustolium clear. I am going to try that. I just don't like spray cans.

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    Re: Painting metal clear

    I used Rustoleum satin clear on bare steel with mixed results. If it is polished, you are likely to have adhesion issues.

    Use as thin of a coat as possible to reduce the potential for chipping and use acetone to remove all traces of oil and dirt and you should have decent results.

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    Re: Painting metal clear

    The tube is completly sanded with a 120 grit flap disc and preped with acetone.

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    Re: Painting metal clear

    Post some pics if you can - I'd like to see the results - I'd like to use this method on some steel furniture.

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    Re: Painting metal clear

    I just have some test peices I painted. I can post some pics of some stuff that we had powdercoated clear. I only have shitty phone pics right now though. Here are the best two I could find. I'll get some pics of what I am making also. Give me a week or so because I pasicly have a pile of metal right now. I am just painting up test scrap peices right now. The clear powder coat is sweet looking and very durable.

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    Re: Painting metal clear

    Harley does it on a few bikes. Then grind some texture into the metal, and cear it. For instance, they may paint a tank back, with bare metal flames, then clear it. Looks good. I assume what they use is something that doesn't come in a ratte can. I guess that isn't much help, except to maybe tell you it is possible to do. If I wanted to know how to do it, I'd start by going to an auto parts store that specializes in auto body, and ask someone there. DO NOT go to Advance or Autozone, or some other big chain. I'm sure they have some knowledgable people there, but they also have a bunch of 19 year olds who were flipping burgers last week. They may give you advice, but t may not be any good.

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