I have setup an option for those who wish to donate to the site and/or gain additional features. There are 4 levels set up:

Contributing Member (Annual)
At this subscription level you gain the ability to post "polls", additional PM box space (100 messages), a higher space limit in the gallery (200 Mb) and a higher attachment space limit.

Sponsoring Member (Annual)
Our Sponsoring Members enjoy all the benefits of Contributing Members PLUS the ability to post polls, custom title, even more PM box space (200 messages), and unlimited space limit in the gallery.

One time donation

If you would like to make a one time donation, select this option. Choose your donation amount from the dropdown list. (disregard the 1 day duration - this must be done for the software to accept a one time donation)

Vendor Membership (Annual)
Required for advertising and selling items to members as a vendor. Membership can be revoked at any time if the vendor is deemed a spammer or otherwise unreliable/objectionable vendor. No refunds. Same general permissions as Sponsoring Members.
You can click the Donate/Support section of the navbar above to be taken to this area (under User CP -> Paid Subscriptions)