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Thread: Hey, Camarodude

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    Hey, Camarodude

    "Building a Check it out!!!!"

    Thats what your sig says. And I'm a big believer in following the rules. (ok not really) But anyhow, I did check it out, like you asked. I'm interested. I was looking at the kits that are made to turn the Suburban into an H1. But this kit looks a little more fun, not to mention cost effective since you can build it a little at a time. What are you using as a donor vehicle and what do you figure you'll have wrapped up in this project, when all is said and done?

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    Re: Hey, Camarodude

    WOW! I Just found this post! Sorry Dude.
    I'm using a 1990 Suburban 4x4. I'll be using a 7.3 IH Engine from a ford, and a ZF 5 speed tranny, with an NP 203 Xfer Case.
    If you're a good scrounge, you could easily build one for less than 10k.
    I, on the other hand, am an Excellent scrounge, and I plan on front and rear heat/A/c, power everything, heated seats, the whole enchilada.
    I'll still have less than 20 in mine.
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    Building a Check it out!!!!

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