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    Re: Considering buying compressor

    well maybe i'll just do that then. that grizzly seems like a really good deal. do any stores carry them or are they only available online?

    btw, silver_truck, whats the noise level of that one? 220v oiled are supposed to be quieter than oiless right?

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    Re: Considering buying compressor

    They've got a store here in Bellingham, one in Pennsylvania and one in Missouri. I'm not sure where you are so if you're not near one of those places you have to order. As far as noise level ummm...its not that loud I can hear it out side the garage for about 15-20 feet if the door is closed (garage is just a corrugated metal shop building) if it was insulated then I'm sure it wouldn't be as noticeable when I'm inside I usually have music on and I can hear the compressor kick in but it doesn't drown out the music or anything. hope that helps

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    Re: Considering buying compressor

    well i'm down in texas so i guess i'd have to get one shipped. thanks for the info though

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    Re: Considering buying compressor

    no problem...the one in missouri is pretty close

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