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    Experienced welder dies from galvanized fumes.

    Here's a link. Make sure you wear a suitable respirator when welding!!

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    Re: Experienced welder dies from galvanized fumes.

    I think his case is the extreme, but it is good info, for sure.

    I don't know about everybody else, but I never was concerned with personal safety until I was in my mid to late 20's. Hell - at 39 years old I still race motocross so I can't be too concerned, but when I am in the shop I will wear hearing protection and safety glasses almost all the time. I feel naked without them - especially when I am grinding - hearing protection really should be as important as glasses.

    I steer away from galvanized materials but on the very few occassions that I have had to weld it, I will position a fan to blow across my shield - not low enough to effect the shielding gas, but enough to direct the fumes away from my face. And I handle it with gloves. I do not have a respirator that will fit under my shield but if I welded this stuff on a regular basis, I definately would get one. It's nasty stuff as we all know.

    Good article, Cebby. Thanks.

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