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    Re: Household wiring - simplified diagram

    Thanks Scott. I made a PDF for posterity. DL at will...

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    Re: Household wiring - simplified diagram

    Quote Originally Posted by MXtras View Post
    This diagram explains the basics of how 220 and 120 are derived within the electrical panel at your house. The wiring at your home - especially if it is older, may not look like this so if there is any doubt about what you are doing, contact a qualified electrician.

    This is posted mainly to clarify the 220 circuit. I have seen many questions about how to hook up a welder, etc. and this diagram should help those DIYers that may need a hand figuring things out.

    This is an interesting discussion. thank you for sharing
    That's pretty good.
    Good post. I appreciate it

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    Re: Household wiring - simplified diagram

    When I needed to increase the power level in my garage to run all my tools/welders/etc., I decided my house's filled-to-capacity 100A electrical system needed to be upgraded to 200A. I reused all the old breakers by buying a new 200A box that could use them and then repurposed the old 100A panel to the garage. By doing most of the work myself (power company did final hookup), my total cost ended up somewhere around $300 plus the re-hook charges. To make it code compliant, I installed a 100A breaker in the new panel and a separate grounding stake for the 'new' garage box. Now I have plenty of power/room in both the house and the garage panels, so I never worry about overloads or short circuits.

    I should point out, however, that I currently carry a Journeyman's Licence in both high & low voltage electrical systems and have over 10 years experience working in the field as a high-voltage electrician. Also, all the work I did was inspected (and passed) by my state's Electrical Inspector. Unless you have a STRONG knowledge of how electrical circuits are run, I HIGHLY recommend you do not do any kind of electrical work... especially panel work.

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