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    Re: Grinders - What do you have? Like it? Hate it? Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdogrider99
    Currently I have 1 Makita 4 1/2 works great, 2 HF 4 1/2 with wire wheels haven't used them much since I am deployed to Kuwait now. Lastly 1 old black and decker 7 inch from my dad. Ancient but it works like gangbusters.
    Welcome BigDog! Something to be said for the old tools and their beef.

    Glad to see we are worldwide! Thank you!!

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    Re: Grinders - What do you have? Like it? Hate it? Why?

    The HF 4.5 at ~$17 on sale is a smokin deal. Surprisingly, it takes a lickin and keeps on tickin' If I ever burn one up, I'll buy a new one during the next sale. (They come with extra brushes, so it may be awhile.)

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    Re: Grinders - What do you have? Like it? Hate it? Why?

    First post here.......
    I didn't read all the input but I will toss in my grinders.....
    1)Dewalt 4 1/2" 10 amp (got it for $59 @ Lowes)
    2)Black and Decker 4 1/2" 5.5 amps ($30 WalyWorld special)
    3)HF special 7 " 13 Amps (on sale $30)
    I love all of them .......the dewalt and HF are fairly new....the B&D I have had for 6yrs I have tried my best to kill it......not gonna happen.....I have ran it so long I had to put it down and take my leather glove off to let the glove cool down........the HF paid for it's self the 2nd day I had it.....guy asked if I had a torch....why I asked....he has some iron pipe poles he needed rid of......tossed a 7 1/4" abrasive wheel on it....cut the pipe down he gave me $20 and the pipe.....the dewalt I use flap disk on her.....I tried to bogg it down once it laughed at me.

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