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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jared
    I figured you were workin on toyota's when I saw the welder sitting right there for doin rust repair.
    C'mon now! That's only out here in the East (aka land of SALT!!!)

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wythors
    Seeing all the problems that Toyotas have, I wouldn't ever consider owning one of them.
    At the same time, when I was a student I was working with a technician at the local Ford dealer who was the transmission guy for all 36 techs. Doing 2-3 transmissions a day made me realize that Fords are great for job security, and never to own one.

    No matter where you work, you are gonna see the problems, that's why they are there. I still wouldn't own a Ford though, maybe that's just because I have taste though.

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by wythors
    : Seeing all the problems that Toyotas have, I wouldn't ever consider owning one of them.
    Be glad you don't work in a ford, GM, DB dealer. I love working on Toys and Hondas compared with the big 3.

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    I am pretty lucky, my toyotas are from colorado and rust was a non-issue. I don't care what brand it is, around here (mid-west) it seems like they all turn to rust in no time.

    I think all the shop techs that work at dealers hate those brands because they see em all day long. I have never worked as a tech, but I have worked on enough vehicles under a shade tree to have my own preferences.

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    OK I always like to show off my tools, so I'll play. Here are my roll cabs and top boxes and it looks like I'll be getting another roll cab soon as they are full

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    I'll show mine when I figure out how to get the filesize down. For now, have a gander at my "finished" corner with all the organizers.
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    In a while, Chet.

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    here is the second box Ihave bought this year. It is 54" wide and already full. I now need a top box

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!



    (blue box is now with the stainless box)


    and (1) more box. 27" wide base made by Kobalt

    Scrap metal made....while you wait!

    The difference between a difficult problem and an easy problem, is having the answer!

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    Homemade one and the Craftsman ones. Homemade one is for bits and drill storage.

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    Re: Show us your toolboxes!!!

    Well, I figured I'd jump in, just for fun. Don't give me crap, I know the garage is a mess, I took the pics in the middle of a project. When I'm done working, all tools go back to the boxes. The first pic is a Blue Point top and bottom. Blue Point is Snap-On's budget brand. Nice boxes, but I think I'd go cheaper next time. Theres lots of boxes out there as nice for much less money. But I was a mechanic at the time and the Snap-On guy came to the shop, so it was easy. No longer a mechanic, so box is at home. The smaller box next to it is an old Craftsman bottom box I converted to a support for my workbench. The second pic is a no name side box I got a while ago. It has 2 drawers in it I use for drill bit storage, the bottom has various tape and areosol cans. I need more tool storage. I'm thinking of picking up another top and bottom box soon, but I got other goodies on my list I have to get first. Third pic is just a bonus, to prove I really was in the middle of a project when I snapped these pics. It's my race bike, in the middle of getting various first aid. Note my tool box was in a different spot, I moved it recently. Now it's at the end of the garage like the first pic, in the third, it's where my drill presses are in the first pic, if that makes sense. Now you know my whole layout! I just hope these pics aren't too big.

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