I am new to the fabrication world and so I have lots of questions. I build and sell a patented product that requires 4 stakes made from 7/16 hot roll round rod. I cut the pieces at 13" and then use a tractor supply bender to individually bend each piece. I bend the top couple inches over to produce a hook. If I put them in a vice and heat them up they bend nicely but in this bender from tractor supply they look like a candy cane. I like the look of the vice better (kind of kinks it tight in the bend rather than a semi circle). Bottom line is the bender from tractor supply is very slow and does not give me the end result that I am looking for. I used about 1500 of these stakes last year and am expecting to be somewhere between 2500 and 3000 this year.

My question is does somebody make a bender that I can put these in (perhaps even more than one) and bend them over center? I have found press brakes but they will only go to 90 degrees. Any advice would be appreciated.