I'm new here. I figured rather than some long post about who I am and other stuff no once cares about, I'd just post up about some tools I use a lot and like. If you must know about me, I live north of Pittsburgh and I'm in the motorcycle biz. There, now we can get on with the good stuff.

Beloved Hobart Handler 135. I've had it a few years now and I couldn't be happier. I also have a stick for thicker stuff, but 99% of my welding can be done on this little MIG. I spend lots of time agonizing at which 120v machine was the best bang for the buck and the Hobart won. The 135 has since been replaced by the 140, which I'm told is very similar. I paid $450-ish for the machine. Plus a tank. Make sure you budget for the tank. Flux core is ok, but you can beat solid core wire and gas for a great looking weld with no splatter or slag.

My HF 4x6 bandsaw. I can't really say much about it. Not because I don't like it, but because there is 100's of sites dedicated to it. I have the Clarke version, which is the same as all the others, only it's sold at Tractor Supply instead of Harbor Freight. It does have the more desired cast blade guides, which I hear on various websites is very important. I think you can get them for $160 from HF, and mine was $199. To me, it's worth the extra money to buy something local. I build a sturdy stand because the sheetmetal one on it was a joke. The only mod I made was to replace the motor. The original smoked early on. As long as you go into the purchase of this machine knowing that you're not so much buying a finished product but you're buying a "kit" that you can built into the saw you need. It is the best bang for the buck when it comes to metal cutting. I have a chop saw that is faster, but I hate it. It messes up my garage, makes a ton of noise, makes the whole house smell and is just unpleasant to run. I don't think I've pulled it's trigger once since I got the bandsaw.

I'll add more to this as I think of it, but aside from my drill presses, these are the most used fabrication tools in my shop, and the ones I couldn't live without.